Nursery Funding Options — Abbey Wood Lodge

Early years funding - how much free childcare does it provide?

All children attending our nursery will be entitled to either 15 or 30 Government funded hours per week from the start of the term after their third birthday. The entitlement is term time only (38 weeks) but in accordance with the government guidelines we can stretch the entitlement over 51 weeks.

To check your funded hours eligibility visit

We offer the funded education over 51 week, therefore your weekly entitlement would be either 11 hours if eligible for 15 hours funded education or 22 hours if eligible for 30 hours funded education.

For those wanting term time only we cannot reserve the space in between terms.

At Abbey Wood Lodge any funded or part funded day will be charged at £5.00 per day for consumables and additional hours charged at the hourly rate. 

If your child is not attending Abbey Wood Lodge and you would like them to attend for their Government funded entitlement, you should enquire as to our availability the term that their 3rd birthday falls in.  We are only able to provide the sessions that are available at the time of enquiry.  If we have available spaces at the time of enquiry you can register with us and you will be offered sessions depending upon your requirements.

To enable us to claim the government funding you will need to check your eligibility at where you will be provided with an eligibilty code. Along with the code a Parental Agreement Form as well as our Terms and Agreements needs to be completed and returned to us with your national insurance number a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport (proof of age), prior to the start of term when your funding starts.

Early years funding how much am I entitled to?

A parent/carer can claim a maximum of 30 hours per week over 38 weeks, which is term time only (three terms, Summer, Autumn and Spring). At Abbey Wood Lodge we endeavour to offer the greatest amount of flexibilty in the way the entitlement is accessed.  A parent/carer can claim all 30 hours with Abbey Wood Lodge or split the claim across two childcare providers making sure the total does not exceed their entitlement.

When will your child become eligible for the free early years funding entitlement?

Your child becomes eligible from the start of the term after they become 3 years old. This means a child born between: 

  • 1 September and 31 December is eligible from 1 January
  • 1 January and 31 March is eligible from 1 April
  • 1 April and 31 August is eligible from 1 September 

Your entitlement continues until the end of the term in which your child becomes 5 years old.

At Abbey Wood Lodge we prefer to deliver the funded hours over 51 weeks of the year.  This is a stretched offer, and the benefits of the stretched offer is that your child can attend the sessions continuously over 51 weeks of the year, thus eliminating breaks in childcare during non-term times.  Your child will become familiar with routine and interactions with the group.  They will feel secure and experience new opportunities for growth and development. Continuity of care is one of the key strategies we use to develop strong, supportive and respectful relationships with the children.

How does the stretched offer work?

Your child is entitled to between 15 and 30 hours of care per week over 38 weeks of the year.  The stretched offer would be either 11or 22 hours of care over 51 weeks of the year. 

What if I just want term time?

We also offer term time only at Abbey Wood Lodge, if this is your preference you will be given the term dates during which your child can attend.  The terms are Summer (April – July), Autumn term (September – November) and Spring (January – March).  These make up the 38 weeks of the year.  If you require term time only we are unable to reserve your space between terms.

What if I wanted my child to attend more hours/days per week?

At Abbey Wood Lodge we offer flexible childcare, if you required more than the government entitlement each week for childcare we would be happy to accommodate you, however this would be dependent upon the childcare you required and the availability at the time of enquiry.

 If you just required ad hoc extra hours or days, providing we have availability these can be booked in advance and invoiced as extras.  These would be charged at the nursery daily/hourly rates. 

How do I claim Early Years Funding?

To check your eligibility you will need to visit to obtain a funding code. We can then discuss the funding options and sessions available and once we have agreed the offer we will issue you with a Parent Agreement Form. You will need to complete this form and return it to the nursery office with your national insurance number and proof of child’s identity and date of birth. It is essential all forms are completed and returned by the required date as we need to submit our claim to the Local Authority.

What happens if my child leaves?

If your child leaves our setting during the term, your entitlement may be able to be transferred to a new setting. However, you must adhere to the conditions on the Parent Agreement form for the entitlement to be transferred. We also require four weeks notice for the termination of your nursery space.

Early education entitlement for two year olds

Two year old funding is available to some parents, who have been referred by an outside agency for different reasons. To have access to the two year old funding parents will need to provide a copy of the confirmation letter to confirm they have been granted the funding.

To see whether you qualify for the 2 year funding please visit

The funded places would be offered on current availability at the time of enquiry.  We can claim 15 hours per week over 38 weeks of the year or the stretched offer of 11 hours per week over 51 weeks of the year.

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries relating to Early Years Funding and availability by using the contact form on this website, or by telephoning the nursery directly on 0208 660 2676